Vendor EFT (Direct Deposit)

    Vendor EFT is available for vendors with a bank account drawn within the United States. There is a 4 – 6 week implementation period for electronic funds. Requests must be sent to the address below.

    The EFT Form must be completed in its entirety, including a voided check, or it will be returned.

    E-mail Transmittal:

    Please use the EFT Form to elect e-mail transmittal of vendor check detail. The detail will be a PDF version of your current check stub attached to an email. Fill out only the top portion of the EFT Form and be sure to include your complete e-mail address.

    Mail EFT Form to:

    Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
    P.O. Box 4544
    Houston, TX 77210-4544
    Attn: Accounts Payable – ACH

    Download EFT Form (PDF)

    For additional information, please contact the Vendor Inquiry line at:
    1-800-434-3985 or

    Accounts Payable Inquiries