We believe that natural gas provides opportunity for a bright future, one filled with technology, innovation and prosperity for both today and tomorrow. We are a producer of 100 percent natural gas and more importantly, a key part of the near term and longer term solution for a cleaner tomorrow.

    Today, the energy we all rely on is provided by a mix of sources with different carbon impacts. To materially change this mix will take time, investment, new innovation and technology. Cabot is committed to work toward the next generation of advances – whether for power generation, or reducing emissions and supporting clean energy initiatives – all with an eye toward human and economic prosperity. Bringing the benefits of cleaner energy to all for a better life for the long term.

    Sustainability Highlights

    • % hydrocarbons that are flared: 0
    • Process emissions: 0
    • % fresh water withdrawn or consumed from high/extremely high water stress areas: 0
    • % flowback water discharged or injected: 0
    • % produced and flowback water recycled: 100+
    • % of wells for which all frac fluid chemicals are disclosed: 100
    • # of hydrocarbon spills: 0
    • % of proved reserves near protected conservation or endangered species sites: 0
    • % of proved reserves near areas of conflict or indigenous land: 0
    • % proved reserves in countries with worst rankings on Transparency International’s corruption perception index: 0

    Message from the Chairman of the Board

    If there was ever a year in which sustainability has taken on new urgency, it is this one. The pandemic and subsequent economic turmoil, trade and political tensions and heightened climate concerns remind us that companies need to operate sustainably through challenges seen and unforeseen.

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