We strive to have a lasting and positive impact for generations to come. Our belief is that a good community partner actively works to make the region stronger, by strategically investing in the fundamental building blocks of the community.

    Cabot’s main operations are in the Marcellus Shale in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA), but you can find our employees spread across the Appalachian Basin and as far south as Texas. With our employees and their families living in the towns and cities where we operate, we have made the commitment to focus our efforts on building prosperity and safeguarding the neighbors and environment around us.

    Learn more about our operations, industry and community involvement by visiting the Well Said Cabot blog.

    Health and Human Services

    Early on in Cabot’s community involvement, we set out to create a more accessible healthcare system for residents after discovering residents had to drive almost an hour to get primary or emergency care. Together with the community and various other partners, we raised $4.4 million to build the Endless Mountains Healthcare System (EMHS). EMHS opened its doors in 2013 and replaced an outdated facility that was not able to meet the needs of NEPA residents. The state-of-the-art facility has 24 beds, operating rooms with endless amounts of natural light, an updated lab, a separate emergency entrance, and most importantly better privacy for patients.

    When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Cabot was quick to react to the changing needs of the community. We contributed $100,000 to the Greater Houston American Red Cross and $100,000 to the Southwestern PA American Red Cross. We then donated another $300,000 to the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains in Susquehanna County, PA for small business assistance grants, food insecurity, and various other needs such as rent and utility bill assistance. In addition, we provided Tyvek barrier suits, protective eyewear, hand sanitizer, and food to local hospitals and community service organizations.

    NEPA is an extremely rural area and this proved to be incredibly challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the relationships we’ve built with local schools over the years, we learned about the immediate needs they had when making the shift to virtual learning. It was clear that access to devices like iPads and Chromebooks and internet connectivity was extremely limited. We assessed the needs of these schools and were able to contribute $75,000 to ensure the students were connected to their teachers.

    Food Insecurity

    Cabot understands that food insecurity is a significant issue that plagues NEPA. Through partnering with local organizations, we can address these issues and combat them head on. Our most recent initiative is pledging to donate $1.5 million to the Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank through the Neighborhood Assistance Program over the next five years to help end hunger across NEPA. The funds will be distributed to local food banks around the region where they will directly serve the residents. In additional to our food bank partners, we work closely with Fill a Glass with Hope and Hunters Sharing the Harvest to bring fresh milk and protein to those in need.

    Workforce Development

    Building a strong workforce is a pivotal part of our community engagement efforts. We recognized that accessible education opportunities were a barrier standing in the way of residents finding good careers with family-sustaining wages. In the past decade, we have invested over $3 million in education programs in NEPA that produce graduates who will work directly or indirectly with the oil and gas industry.

    In 2010, Cabot worked with local partners to construct the Lackawanna School of Petroleum & Natural Gas. The school offers nationally recognized programs and gives students classroom and hands-on learning opportunities. It has gained so much success over the years that the school is moving to a new, larger facility that can support a bigger petroleum and natural gas program, as well as other programs such as a business and human services.

    Another educational initiative that Cabot took on was the Commercial Driver’s License school at the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center (SCCTC). Cabot and several local businesses joined together in 2019 to construct the building and driving course on the SCCTC campus. This was an effort to combat the severe shortage of licensed commercial drivers in our operating area and across the country. Cabot took the lead in organizing and financially supporting the entire project, including donating a top-of-the-line driving simulator. The school began its first round of day and night classes in June 2020. Graduates have been successfully securing new jobs with family-sustaining wages at local companies, including Cabot’s wholly owned subsidiary, GasSearch Drilling Services (GDS).

    Educational Assistance

    Cabot has helped to develop the Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit (MOLU) that brings STEM education to students in Pre-K through 12th grade. It contains six sections with 24 different activities designed to teach subjects like viscosity, drilling, and permeability.

    We also utilize the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program to provide additional funds for things like scholarships, dual enrollment, energy classes, safety boots, equipment, and tools to Pre-K through 12th grade schools and career and technology centers. In 2019, our EITC dollars funded almost 450 scholarships. In 2020, they funded a 3D printer needed for a school’s STEM curriculum and a driving simulator for the new CDL school Cabot helped build.

    Another way we support the area’s education is by donating unused materials to career and technology centers. Drilling pipes are especially useful to these centers as they can help students learn how to weld, build fencing, and do various other types of tasks.

    arts and culture
    Arts and Culture

    Not only does Cabot make every effort to help with the basic needs of our community members, we are also dedicated to preserving and expanding the area’s culture and rich history. We work closely with the Dietrich Theater as it is a favorite spot among our employees and landowners. It has been around since 1936 and continues to serve as an economic driver in the area by offering movies, classes, and speakers.

    A second historic treasure in NEPA that we have been working with for over a decade is the Dennis Farm. The land was first settled in 1793 by the family of Prince Perkins, a free African American, and we truly value the 200 years of documented history they bring to the region. Their focus on culture, education, and storytelling creates a remarkable atmosphere that has since helped them secure a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Cabot also saw the Dennis Farm as the perfect home to host the first Semiquincentennial Bell as part of the America250PA campaign to celebrate the 250th birthday of the United States of America.