• What Can 1 BCF of Natural Gas Power?

    Putting Cabot’s production into perspective: what can one billion cubic feet of natural gas power?

  • Cabot Strives to Protect the Environment

    The efforts of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation to meet and exceed environmental regulations to ensure the protection of natural resources.

  • Cabot 2010 Holiday Charities

    Cabot Oil & Gas helps brighten the holidays as Cabot employees, vendors and contractors chip in to provide toys for the children.

  • Cabot Reduces Well Pad Size

    Cabot reduces the size of producing wells down to about one acre and reclaims area around the site for landowner use.

  • Cabot & Comtech Work Together to Recycle Water

    Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation strives to recycle 100% of all produced water with the help of Comtech.

  • Interfaith Provides Heat to Homes

    Rachel Pratt of Susquehanna County Interfaith shares information about HeatShare, one of the organization’s largest programs.

  • Cabot Raises the Bar on Road Improvement

    Christopher Erhardt explains how Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation meets and strives to exceed the minimum requirements when repairing roads around the community.

  • SCCTC Scholarship

    George Stark explains how the $50,000 scholarship created by Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation is allowing students at the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center to follow their education dreams.

  • Cabot Benefits Local Subcontractors

    Subcontractors for Susquehanna County talk about the economic benefits Cabot Oil & Gas has brought to the region’s residents by hiring local companies and employees to help in gas exploration.

  • How Cabot Reduces its Footprint

    George Stark explains how Cabot is able to minimize its footprint through using a closed-loop system for recyling water use which allows Cabot to minimize the well pad size.

  • Well Pad Tour

    Bobby Balcer takes you on a basic tour of a Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation well pad – in 50 seconds!

  • Why run a vehicle on CNG?

    Mike Faillace shares why he’s converted his 1955 Chevrolet to run on compressed natural gas.