In addition to our direct engagement with the community and royalties paid directly to landowners, Cabot has also paid more than $72 million through the Act 13 Impact fee in Pennsylvania since 2012. These fees are a direct fee levied by the Commonwealth and redistributed to local governments to cover the local impacts of drilling. Through this impact fee, Cabot is assisting the communities in which we operate.

Cabot is sensitive to minimizing the potential dust, noise and traffic associated with our operations. For dust control, we use dust-suppression systems to spray roads and street sweepers to keep well pad dust off of public roadways. When necessary, particularly if we are operating near residences or public buildings, we install noise and/or light barriers to minimize impact to our neighbors. With regard to traffic control, we utilize advance traffic planning, including route selection, street signs and traffic control personnel, to minimize disruption to the flow of traffic due to water trucks and other Cabot vehicles necessary for completion activities. In these ways, we are able to bring the economic benefits of natural gas production to the landowners and communities in which we operate, with minimal impacts to the daily life of the residents during the short period of drilling and completion activities.

Supporting Communities Through Royalties

$1 billion in royalties to landowners in Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties

In 10 years of operating in Pennsylvania, Cabot has paid more than $1 billion in royalties to landowners in Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties and nearly $500 million in signing bonuses.

Those royalties have allowed families to keep their farms, send their children to college, or pay off their mortgages, and helped organizations and businesses expand their operations. This is the type of economic development that is valuable in our communities. This marks a substantial investment in Susquehanna County. The royalties have provided local property owners and family farms with the ability to save their homesteads and prosper in place. The impact of these funds has been seen throughout Northeast Pennsylvania as is evidenced by ancillary job growth and economic benefits to all. Further, the positive financial impact of Act 13 on our state’s counties, local governments and municipalities cannot be overstated. This resource has transformed the worldwide energy market and has provided both the Commonwealth and our nation with energy independence.” Representative Michael Peifer (R-139)

Road Improvement

Cabot is committed to ensuring the roadways and bridges we use in our areas of operation are well-maintained. Our out-of-pocket investments in road improvement go above and beyond the required impact fees and do not just benefit Cabot. We work closely with townships to assess road conditions before our operations begin and carefully select truck routes based on planned operations. If roadway conditions are under designed for the type of usage it will sustain with Cabot’s operations, we make substantial investments to repair or replace the roadway before we start using it. As wear and tear occurs, we are quick to invest in improvement projects to keep the roadways in excellent condition. Often, once we have begun operating in an area and completed road improvement projects, the roads are in better condition than prior to our operations. Since 2009, Cabot has invested $49.5 million in road replacement, maintenance and repairs.