With many specialized services occurring on site, contractors are a critical part of the Cabot workforce. Our expectation is that contractors will operate under the same high standards as Cabot employees. Our contractor safety program includes screening, contractual obligations, on-site education, and ongoing monitoring. All of Cabot’s contractors execute a Master Service Agreement (MSA), which contractually obligates them to review and comply with Cabot’s Contractor Responsibilities section of the EHS Manual. The MSA also requires contractors to report immediately to Cabot all details of any near miss, injury, illness, property damage and/or environmental impact and to cooperate fully in all remedial activities in order to restore and protect the environment.

As many of our contractors work on-site side-by-side with Cabot employees, we track contractor safety and environmental incidents and collaborate with contractors toward the elimination of future incidents. We also invite contractors to participate in quarterly safety meetings and share best practices to improve the overall safety and environmental outcomes for all operations.

Third-Party Audits/Inspections/Enforcement

In many of our drilling, completion, and production operations, we use third-party safety and environmental specialists to assist site personnel with monitoring activities and to minimize the risks associated with our activities. These specialists provide guidance on Job Safety & Environmental Analyses (JSEAs), waste management, materials handling, fluids transfer and numerous other tasks to assess and minimize the safety and environmental risks of ongoing activities. We also utilize inspectors in other areas of our operations, including stimulation activities using hydraulic fracturing, to verify contractor compliance with recognized industry best practices and federal and state regulatory requirements. If warranted, we conduct verification inspections and take all necessary corrective actions.

Industry Leading Safety

All contractors chosen to work for Cabot are required to participate in the ISNetworld contractor verification program. This industry leading safety verification process allows us to screen contractors based on their safety performance in relation to their peers. Our master service agreements with our contractors require contractors to provide their employees with appropriate safety equipment and training, as well as to adhere to all applicable environmental and safety regulations.

As part of Cabot’s commitment to providing a safe operation, a number of contractors are selected every year to complete a verification and review process administered by ISNetworld.  This process consists of contractor employee interviews and contractor management interviews, which are designed to identify gaps in the contractor’s EHS program. Based on these reviews, ISNetworld develops action items and works with the contractor to verify completion of those items.