Cabot Picnic helps educate community

A closer look at the Cabot Community Picnic which has helped educate over 20,000 individuals about the natural gas industry over the past four years.

Careers in Energy

Experts from the energy industry – coal, wind, natural gas, solar, oil and nuclear – came together for the Careers in Energy program to introduce students to the wide variety of career opportunities available to them.

Uniquely Cabot

Giving Back to Our Region

What Can 1 BCF of Natural Gas Power?

Putting Cabot’s production into perspective: what can one billion cubic feet of natural gas power?

Lackawanna College Rig Tour

Lackawanna College’s new school of Petroleum and Natural Gas came out to Cabot facilities for a rig tour to learn more about the industry they are training for.

Cabot & The Challenge Program

Cabot is a sponsor of the Challenge Program, Inc. which awards students for their dedication to academic excellence, academic improvement, community service and school attendance.

Almost there: EMHS Progress

Endless Mountains Health Systems gathered employees, community members, local businesses and civic groups to celebrate the one year anniversary of groundbreaking on the new health facility.

One Year Later: EMHS Hospital Campaign

The community gathers one year after groundbreaking on the new hospital to celebrate the amazing progress.

Get Ready – Cabot Picnic 2013

The Cabot Community Picnic will be held on Saturday, July 20 at the Harford Fair Grounds in Susquehanna County.

Creating a Ripple Effect in the Community

Bill Carlson, a Cabot landowner in Susquehanna County, Pa., shares how he is using his royalty payments to help those in need.

Cabot Strives to Protect the Environment

The efforts of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation to meet and exceed environmental regulations to ensure the protection of natural resources.

Cabot 2010 Holiday Charities

Cabot Oil & Gas helps brighten the holidays as Cabot employees, vendors and contractors chip in to provide toys for the children.

Cabot Reduces Well Pad Size

Cabot reduces the size of producing wells down to about one acre and reclaims area around the site for landowner use.

Cabot & Comtech Work Together to Recycle Water

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation strives to recycle 100% of all produced water with the help of Comtech.

Interfaith Provides Heat to Homes

Rachel Pratt of Susquehanna County Interfaith shares information about HeatShare, one of the organization’s largest programs.

Cabot Raises the Bar on Road Improvement

Christopher Erhardt explains how Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation meets and strives to exceed the minimum requirements when repairing roads around the community.

SCCTC Scholarship

George Stark explains how the $50,000 scholarship created by Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation is allowing students at the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center to follow their education dreams.

Cabot Benefits Local Subcontractors

Subcontractors for Susquehanna County talk about the economic benefits Cabot Oil & Gas has brought to the region’s residents by hiring local companies and employees to help in gas exploration.