At Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, we strive not only to be a leading independent producer of natural gas and oil, but to be a leader in safe, responsible operations and to minimize the impact of our operations on our employees, our communities and the environment.  We work diligently to safely and effectively deliver America’s energy resources–primarily natural gas–to our communities while also acting as a good corporate citizen and an environmental steward in the communities in which we operate.  We believe that our success in developing abundant unconventional deposits of natural gas from our core operating area, the Marcellus Shale in Northern Pennsylvania, helps to reduce our country’s total greenhouse gas emissions, particularly when used to generate commercial and residential power.  In addition, our ability to deliver an economical supply of natural gas supports our country’s goal of energy independence.

We accomplish our goals for responsible operations through our stringent Environment, Health & Safety program, our programs to measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, our water quality programs, our compressed natural gas (CNG) program and our community involvement.  We provide oversight of these programs through our Safety and Environmental Affairs Committee of our board of directors.  This committee is one of the few in our industry to focus solely on environment, health and safety matters at every regular board meeting and underscores the commitment to ensure that Cabot is a leader in its peer group in responsible, sustainable operations.  We believe this commitment, along with our operational success, has helped to create strong value for our shareholders and other stakeholders in our communities.