LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA



  1. Supervises the work of the GIS analysts and provides technical guidance and training as necessary regarding all activities associated with implementation, operation, and enhancement of GIS technology.
  2. Prepares, provides and updates maps and data sets.
  3. Explains the objective of projects and work to be performed to accomplish projects to the GIS Team.
  4. Coordinates and monitors contracts with GIS software, data conversion, and other providers of GIS products and services.
  5. Analyze and maintain GIS applications and databases including structure, disk storage needs and equipment, making recommendations to IS, when needed.
  6. Establishes procedures to eliminate redundant processes, determine and maintain appropriate levels of accuracy within GIS databases.
  7. Provides oversight on activities associated with implementing, operating and enhancing GIS technology.
  8. Assist staff as necessary to ensure that cartographic products are high quality.
  9. Coordinates project assignments to the GIS analysts based on abilities and experience.
  10. Participate in internal staff management processes such as performance reviews, supervisory meetings, etc.
  11. Estimate time and cost for work.
  12. Responsible for publishing and administering ArcGIS web mapping solutions (ArcServer and Portal for ArcGIS).
  13. Facilitate cross-departmental meetings to discuss relevant GIS topics.
  14. Independently and cooperatively solves problems and develops alternatives with projects/data when required.
  15. Able to fulfill all duties of GIS Analyst I and GIS Analyst II positions.
  16. Identify and develop new opportunities to use GIS throughout the organization.



Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelors Degree (BS) or equivalent from a four-year college, or 5 plus years of related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Solid understanding of cartography, map projections, and coordinate systems.
  • Works well with multiple tasks and various interruptions.
  • Proficient Skills using Microsoft Excel/Access, ArcGIS including extensions (Network Analyst, 3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst).
  • Experience with ArcServer, ArcSDE, and Portal for ArcGIS
  • Experience in Survey123, Collector, or TerraSync.
  • Experienced with Python, Model Builder, and SQL.
  • Experience capturing, converting, creating, editing, manipulating and maintaining digital information in a GIS environment.
  • Ability to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team environment.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Sciences or Geodetic Engineering.
  • GISP Certification
  • Fundamental oil and gas industry experience and knowledge.